How do you use design to highlight the changes in societal attitudes toward men's mental health?
Since being in college, mental health has been a constant subject in my life and the lives of those around me. It is something that is regularly and comfortably talked about in my friend group because we have put effort into normalizing it. As females, I believe that it is a lot easier to talk about mental struggles and it not impact the way people view you.

But what about men? Growing up with a brother, emotions were often left out of the conversation. Since growing up and moving out, I have watched him struggle with his mental health, and even more, struggle to do something about it. I have watched our family begin to talk about and treat mental health as less of a taboo, but I am curious if the rest of society is at that point yet as well. Men are supposed to be tough, they shouldn’t express their need, because “vulnerability isn’t manly”. But is that still true, or have we as a society grown more supportive of everyone’s mental health?
“Growing up, it was always told to me that emotions are for girls. Men needed to bottle it up. Despite the fact that I think most groups have stopped that ideology, it’s still left a mark.”  
"Man up"
"Boys don't cry"
"You're too soft"
"boys will be boys"

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