Flexible Branding
For this project, I had to create a Flexible Brand for an existing Museum of my choosing. The company I designed for was The American Sign Museum located in Cincinnati, Ohio. My goal was to design a system consisting of type, pattern, color, image elements, etc. that was capable of generating an open-ended set of variations rather than a fixed solution, as well as could be applied across various mediums and formats.

“ Increasingly, businesses are choosing flexible, systematic identities over static singular modern marks. This shift reflects a larger cultural movement toward customized communication. Rapid manufacturing via the Internet will transform contemporary branding practices asking designers to further develop flexible systems through which users can construct identities and even products.”
       —Helen Armstrong, Design As Co-Creation
I started by creating mood boards to figure out the feeling of the new brand that I was going for. I chose colors, fonts, icons, as well as patterns, and textures.

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